Find Work in Bollywood – The 7 Step Approach!

By | May 10, 2019

Every year thousands of people come to Mumbai to make their dreams come true but only a handful become famous. Finding work in Bollywood is not just about having the right talent, you need to know the right people, have proper guidance, and most importantly, you need timely information to stay ahead of the competition.

The ideal first step is submitting your profile to all the major casting agencies, production houses, and modelling agencies. For that to happen you should know the email addresses of casting agencies, portfolio submission links of modelling agencies, Facebook pages where auditions are posted, HR emails of TV channels, and much more. If you have all this information then half of your work is done.

7-Step Process to Start Your Career in Bollywood!
Follow this step-by-step process to maximize your chances of finding work in Bollywood.

1) Shoot Cool Intro Video and Pics
Every casting agency and production house would ask you for intro video and 4-5 pictures so you should have some good ones. If you know some professional photographer then good else you can rent a DSLR and have one of your friends shoot an intro video as well as some nice pics. These are going to be your digital assets so spend good time in getting the video and pics right.

2) Keep a Tab on the Facebook Pages of all Top Casting Agencies for Audition Updates
There are about 20 good casting agencies in Bollywood and most of them post audition updates on their Facebook pages. So make sure you visit the Facebook pages of all the big casting agencies like Mukesh Chhabra Casting Agency, Shanoo YRF Casting, Nandini Shrikent Casting, Shruti Mahajan Casting, Bombay Casting, Actors Apply and others. Whenever an audition comes send your pictures and intro video to the email addresses of their casting team members. For your information, you can get all the information on the best casting agencies in our eBook: Step-by-Step Guide – How to Start Your Career in Bollywood.

3) Submit Your Portfolio Online to All the Top Modelling Agencies
All the best modelling agencies have an online link where you can submit your pictures. These agencies also ask for your basic body information like weight, height, complexion etc. Make sure you submit your portfolio online on their portals. Again we have listed all the best modelling agencies along with their portfolio submission links and addresses in our eBook which you can Download Here.

4) Send Your Profile to All the Big Film Production Houses
There are about 30 production houses in Bollywood and you need to send your profile to the casting teams of all of them. While you can get some information on the web, if you need more detailed information then you can also download our eBook.

5) Send Your Profile to All the Television Channels
With so many channels launching new shows there is a lot of opportunity in television. So make sure you send your profile to the HR teams of all television channels and keep a tab on their websites & FB pages for job updates and reality shows announcements.

6) Join a Good Theatre Group
Till the time you don’t have work, join a good theatre group. Doing plays would not only help you better your craft it would also help you form a good network of co-actors and directors.

Theatre artists performing

7) Regularly Visit Bollywood Casting Related Websites
Visit websites like Bollywood Career, Audition Date etc. to keep a track of all the latest audition updates. You can also create your profile on apps like ‘F The Couch’ and ‘Actors Apply’ which connect artists with opportunities.

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