How to Register Your Film Script Online with SWA?

By | September 9, 2019

Do you have a great script that you would like to pitch to production houses and directors? Well, before you start pitching your script to production houses it’s important that you register your script with Screenwriters Association of India. Registering your script with SWA ensures that no one can steal your concept or whole script. These are some of the benefits of registering your script with Screenwriters Association of India.

  • Prevents your concept from being stolen
  • Gives you a certificate of registration for your script
  • Gives you the power to take legal action against producers who steal your work
  • Unique receipt number for the payment you made to SWA

How to Register Your Script with Screenwriters Association?
Below, we have explained the step-by-step process of registering your script with the screenwriters association.

1) Go to the Website of Screenwriters Association of India: Go to the association’s website at

2) Become a Member: Before you can register your script you have to become a member of SWA, so click on ‘Become a Member’. There’ll be four options here:

  • Regular Member: Any person whose work has been certified by CBFC or who has got credit for his work (script, screenplay etc.) on television
  • Life Member: All regular members are eligible to become life members. These members get additional benefits.
  • Associate Member: Those writers who have worked contractually for any production house or channel. Writers who have completed their screenwriting course are also eligible to become associate members.
  • Fellow Member: Anyone who loves screenwriting can become a fellow member regardless of whether they have any prior experience in the field.

3) Click on ‘Register Your Work’: After you have become a member you can now register your script. Click on ‘Register Your Work’.

4) Give Information About Your Script: In this section you have to give information about your script including:

  • Title
  • Type (script, screenplay, treatment, pitch etc.)
  • Writer’s Name

5) Upload Your Script: Once you have given the relevant information then you can upload your script in the PDF format.

6) Agree to Terms and Conditions: After uploading your script you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the SWA.

7) Make Payment: After agreeing to the terms and conditions you’ll be taken to the payment page. The charges are INR 40 for first page and subsequent INR 2 for every page afterwards. You’ll also be charged INR 5 as welfare fund for every transaction. If you make payment at the SWA Office then you’ll be charged INR 20 for the first page and subsequent INR 2 for every page afterwards.

8) Get Your Certificate of Registration: After agreeing to the terms and conditions you’ll get a certificate of script registration along with the receipt number for the payment you made.

Registering your script is always a good practice as it helps protect your idea and months of hard work. Make it a practice to register your script online or if you live in Mumbai, you can also do the same at the office. Here’s the address of SWA’s office.

201 – 204, Richa Building, Plot No. B – 29,
Off New Link Road, Opposite Citi Mall,
Andheri (West) Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400 053,

Script Registration Timings
Mon-Fri (2:00 PM – 5:30 PM)
+91 22 2673 3027 / +91 22 2673 3108 / +91 22 6692 2899

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